Monsters Inc.

As a bonus to the monster film schedule we have for you, I’ve also agreed to re-watch Monsters Inc.  with my four year old son, as part of the proceedings.

Teaser, using footage not in the film

As a result of adding this film to my own personal schedule, the heir has decided to repay me by agreeing to review the film as an interview/review. Be sure to keep an eye out for the schedule for more on that….



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4 responses to “Monsters Inc.

  1. Pretty sure I am most excited for this one, now. I depend more on his opinion than any grown-up’s that’s for sure! 😀

  2. Robert Hood

    MONSTERS, INC. is a terrific film — cute and sentimental, but not overly so. I thoroughly enjoyed it, found it very funny and very clever. Pixar haven’t disappointed me yet, even in their lesser films. They know how to make kid’s movies that adults enjoy, too…. Thanks for posting that trailer, Mark. I hadn’t seen that footage before.

    • Thanks, Rob, it was actually one of the reasons I decided to post this, as I’d not seen it either. Apparently there were a few of these teasers in different versions of Toy Story DVDs.

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