Monster Awareness Month–The End

Written by Monster Awareness Month team member, Mark S. Deniz

The monster of all monsters

And it’s over, the end of another of the awareness months and, dare I say it, the best so far?

In terms of development and work it sort of makes sense that this month should have been the best, as we are learning with each subsequent month, more and more people are interested, the team is bigger, etc. but I’m a little surprised it’s been my favourite month, due to my obsession with our ghostly friends, thinking that they would always top the bill.

I think it’s due to not only the quality of the posts for the monsters, mainly from Robert Hood and Sharon Ring but also my realising that I don’t know enough about the monsters and so thoroughly enjoying my education for the last twenty eight days, in the form of film, article and comments.

It has made me appreciate films I have struggled with (Jurassic Park), re-united me with old classics (Jason and the Argonauts and The Thing) and allowed me to waffle about those crazy camcorder films again (Cloverfield). In answer to Rob’s earlier comment about enjoying the posts, even when not always agreeing, I see exactly what he means. It’s been very easy to see that the people who have contributed to the month, have a genuine interest in the subject matter and want others to know about it too. I have loved that side of it.

We were treated to a lot of reviews this time, with many of the films being subject to at least one review (in fact some were reviewed twice). The articles on various monster themes, from monster anatomy to the mind of a monster, to slime and blob and goo, to Marvel Monsters were accompanied by wonderful reminisces about the joys of monsters. I don’t need to go through them all here, you read them already (and if you didn’t you can check them out in the archives)! I would, however, like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your contributions, be it posts, comments, support (or all three!) and know that you’ve made what would have been a decent month into an absolutely brilliant month!

Of course there have been the behind-the-scenes glitches, obvious in an event of this size, with such short deadlines and it is here that I want to publicly thank those that have stood beside me all the way and made sure that this month has been one to remember. Thank you to Robert Hood, to Sharon Ring, to Orrin Grey, to Harry Markov and to KV Taylor, for your help, enthusiasm, cracking posts and for making this team so much fun to be part of.

And it is, now, with great pleasure, that I announce that four of the above names are to join me on the next event to be held in the awareness themed months, that of Zombie Awareness Month in May.

Before I leave though, you may remember that I mentioned that we were giving away a signed copy of the excellent copy of the original Daikaiju: Giant Monster Tales anthology, edited by Robert Hood and Robin Pen.

All you have to do is tell us here, in the comments which was you favourite film of the month and why (or even which film you can’t believe we put in, or left out, and why) and we’ll put you in the hat for the draw on Friday this week.

Also remember that you still have a chance to win the boxed set of Hammer films as offered on NKKingston’s site earlier in the month.

Thanks again for being part of this, and make sure you tell your friends (and enemies) about the Zombies – it promises to be a cracker too!



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6 responses to “Monster Awareness Month–The End

  1. RJ

    I would vote for ‘Slithis’ on account of it winning the ‘batshit mental’ prize (I’m always a sucker for ‘batshit menta’l) but M is a mate so it would seem nepotism. On that account my vote goes for the Pan’s Labyrinth review as it had me desperate to re-order the film to watch again.

  2. BlUsKrEEm

    I’m going to have to vote for “the Valley of Gwangi.” Gwangi inspired a life time fascination with special effects. I make a point of watching it at least once a year. I showed it to my nephew last month, and I think it may have been the first time he had the attention for an entire movie. There’s still a lot of magic in that film.

  3. Mark

    My vote is “Hellraiser” for its over-the-top splatterpunk style mixed with some really interesting philosophical points about human pain, suffering and pleasure. Even some of the sequels were pretty cool, too.

    Being a huge Godzilla fan, sometimes it’s the human-sized monsters who are the most chilling.

    This month has been amazing, you guys!

  4. Bec

    I’m voting for The Mist. I like the claustrophobic setting, with the characters trapped in the supermarket while the mist swirls around, and the variety of monsters. But the religious zealot shows that humans can be just as dangerous… Great stuff!

  5. My favourite has to be The Thing. It’s slow moving, but it hits all the right paranoia/claustrophobia buttons.

    The Hammer film giveaway has wrapped up, and a winner has been chosen!

  6. Angela

    My most favorite film here was “Jurassic Park.” I agree with Willetts’ review–that there was a certain magic to it, and this magic stayed with me. I can’t believe it came out in 1993; I was only 8! Even though it was well-acted and presented really great philosophical ideas about life, I have to admit that I still pop the movie in the vcr from time to time just to hear innocent children scream. And to see the scarily real (yet adorable) T-Rex.
    Here’s a good lesson about monstruous beasts that everyone should learn: “…You are alive when they start to eat you. So you know… try to show a little respect.”

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