Archive: February 2011

1st February: Frankenstein trailer

1st February: A Welcome and Information for Monster Awareness Month – Mark S. Deniz

1st February: Where Monsters DwellRobert Hood

2nd February: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde transformation scene

2nd February: Frankenstein: Man and MonsterRobert Hood

2nd February: Frankenstein 1931: The Making of a MonsterAaron Polson

3rd February: King Kong trailer

3rd February: Spawn of the Slithis review – Mikko Sovijärvi

3rd February: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1931): Man as Monster – Sharon Ring

4th February: The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms trailer

4th February: The First Giant Monsters – Robert Hood

5th February: Gojira trailer

5th February: The First Giant Monsters: Part 2 – Robert Hood

6th February: Creature from the Black Lagoon trailer

6th February: The First Giant Monsters: Part 3 – Robert Hood

7th February: The Quatermass Xperiment trailer

7th February: Creature from the Black Lagoon reviewMark West

7th February: Creature from the Black Lagoon review – Harry Markov

8th February: The Abominable Snowman trailer

8th February: A Haunting Hammer History – NKKingston

8th February: The Quatermass Xperiment review – NKKingston

9th February: The Fly trailer

9th February: The Abominable Snowman review – Jeff Owens

10th February: The Blob trailer

10th February: Obie and Ray: The Tradition of Stop Motion Animation in American Fantasy Films – Joe Muszynski

11th February: Jason and the Argonauts trailer

11th February: Reveling in Absurdity: The Monsters of UltramanRobert Hood

12th February: Mothra vs Godzilla trailer

12th February: Of Men and Gods, and the Monsters Thereof: a review of Jason and the Argonauts – Ruth Merriam

13th February: Destroy all Monsters trailer

13th February: Mothra vs Godzilla review – Sharon K. Reamer

14th February: The Valley of Gwangi trailer

14th February: Nostalgia and Monster Awareness MonthMark West

15th February: Gargoyles trailer

15th February: The Valley of Gwangi: The Dinosaur is the Father of the Man – Neal Romanek

16th February: Jaws trailer

16th February: Remake and Reboot – James Willetts

17th February: Alien trailer

17th February: Not for Love nor Teeth: Jaws reviewSonia Marcon

18th February: The Thing trailer

18th February: Anatomy of Monsters [Japanese Art] – Harry Markov

18th February: Alien review – Harry Markov

18th February: Visual tribute to The Thing – Thomas Boatwright

19th February: Hellraiser trailer

19th February: The Thing is… review of The ThingSonia Marcon

20th February: Tremors trailer

20th February: Hellraiser review – Simon Marshall-Jones

20th February: Barker’s Monsters: Part One – Sharon Ring

21st February: Jurassic Park trailer

21st February: Tremors reviewRuth Merriam

22nd February: Dagon and Call of Cthulhu trailers

22nd February: Jurassic Park reviewJames Willetts

22nd February: Jurassic Park ReviewMark West

23rd February: The Mothman Prophecies trailer

23rd February: Tentacles, Ancient Whispers and Monstrous Gods – Robert Hood

23rd February: The Thing review – James Willetts

24th February: Hellboy trailer

24th February: Barker’s Monsters Part II – Sharon Ring

24th February: The Mothman Prophecies review – KV Taylor

25th February: The Host trailer

25th February: Marvel Monsters – Jeff Owens

25th February: Hellboy review – Orrin Grey

26th February: Pan’s Labyrinth trailer

26th February: Mishapen – RJ Barker

26th February: Blobs, Swamp Muck and Amorphous Things That Go “Splat!” in the Night – Robert Hood

27th February: The Mist trailer

27th February: Barker’s Monsters Part III – Sharon Ring

27th February: Pan’s Labyrinth review – Orrin Grey

28th February: Cloverfield trailer

28th February: Pan’s Labyrinth review – Harry Markov

28th February: Clean up in Aisle Five: The Mist review – Sonia Marcon

1st March: Teratography – John Langan

1st March: Cloverfield review – Mark S. Deniz

1st March: Daikaiju and Mr. Hood – Mark S. Deniz

1st March: Monster Awareness Month: The End – Mark S. Deniz

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